Recognition and Honor to All the Myanmar People in Thailand

Ministry of Labour

Today, 1-2-2023, the 2nd anniversary of the illegal seizure of power by the military council in Myanmar, an anti-coup protest was held in front of the United Nations (UN) office in Bangkok, Thailand, and at the military council’s Myanmar embassy in Thailand. At the demonstration, people expressed their opposition to the military’s unwillingness to seize power, to condemn all acts of terrorism that torture and kill the entire public in various ways, to protest against the illegal fake election to be held by the Terrorist War Council, and to support only the National Unity Government as the official government elected by the people. As the Ministry of Labour of the National Unity Government, we would like to recognize and honor to the Myanmar social and labour organizations in Thailand who have led the protest and all the Myanmar migrant workers and Myanmar people in Thailand who have participated in the protest.