Nai Tun Pe (aka) Nai Suwunna

Union Minister
Ministry of Labour


NameNai Tun Pe (aka) Nai Suwunna
Date of Birth2/12/1943
Place of BirthHtone Ai Village, Pa-An Township, Kayin State
ParentsU Naing Phone and Daw Ohn Mel
Race/ReligiousMon ၊ Buddhist

Political Milestones: 

1961Mawlamyine University Union – Vice President
1962Workers’ College (underground) Student Union – Member and Ethnic Group Representative, Mon Literacy and Culture Association – Vice President
1965Mon Salvation League (MSL) President (underground)
1967Detained in Mawlamyine and Insein prisons for 3 years and 2 months
1988Mon National Democratic Front (MNFD) – Executive Committee Member
1990Contested from KyarInSateKyi Constituency Area (2) for member of parliament in general election and lost
2003Attended several meetings organized by United Nationalities Alliance  (UNA) 
2003In partnership with UNA, actively involved in discussions, presentations and collaborations with United Nations Networks, Diplomatic Community, Embassies, and International Community in regard to Politics, Democracy, Social Justice, and Human Rights.
2007 and 2011Attended Burma Human Rights and Ethnic Nationalities Conference (Thailand, Chaing Mai)
2012Mon Democratic Party (MDP) Executive Committee Member
2015Contested from Pa-An Constituency Area (1) representing Mon National Party (MNP) for member of parliament in general election and lost
2017Attended Burma Human Rights and Ethnic Nationalities Conference hosted by UNFC (Thailand, Chaing Mai)
2018Attended the meeting hosted by Ethnic Nationalities Affairs Center (ENAC)
2020Mon Unity Party – Executive Committee Member

Recent Activities: 

As MUP Party has allied with SAC after the February 2021 1st Coup , he has resigned from MUP party on 26 of March 2021.

Currently serving as the president of Mon State Interim Coordination Committee (MSICC).