Ministry of Labour Announcement (1/2021) 8 June 2021

Republic of the Union of Myanmar
National Unity Government
Ministry of Labour
Announcement (1/2021)
8 June 2021

1. Due to the illegal coup staged by the military junta on 1-2-2021, civil servants working under the Ministry of Labour started participating in the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) on 8-2-2021 to show their peaceful protest against the junta.

2. But in response to the civil servants’ participation in the CDM, relevant authorities continuing working for the military junta had unfairly issued announcements, regarding the removal of these CDM civil servants under the Civil Servant Rules, Article (171), on 15-2-2021.

3. In addition to the above measures, the military junta had also issued various orders in May announcing the removal and dismissal of these government personnels who participated in the CDM. Furthermore, it also issued letters to threaten these personnels to return the 2-month advance salaries pre-issued to them by the previous civilian government, and threatened some personnels, who have not completed the contract, of facing charges by the existing laws if they fail to repay compensations by 31-5-2021 or within two weeks, as prescribed in the agreement signed during their appointments.

4. However, our democratic government in fact provided a subsidy of 2-month advance salaries to the government personnels in order to relieve and support the socio-economic impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. These subsidies were issued during October 2020 to settle their difficulties, and were designed to repay in 6-month pending and 1-year terms. In this regard, repayment can be made through monthly installments between the regarded 1-year or 12-month terms.

5. In relation to the military junta’s threat to those civil servants who have not completed their contract for compensation, do not meet the terms of the agreement. According to the agreement, personnel shall have to compensate per the terms stated in the agreement, only if, he/she resigns from the position on his/her own consent before completion of the contract. Nevertheless, civil servants participating in the CDM are not regarded as resigning from the posts. Their motives are to show disobedience against the military junta and are temporarily staying away from the workplace. Therefore, compensation is unnecessary.

6. Moreover, the Ministry of Planning, Finance and Investment of the National Unity Government, Myanmar, had also made announcements twice ensuring that pre-issued 2-month advance salaries are salaries which need not be repaid.

7. For this reason, the Ministry of Labour hereby announced condemnation over the unacceptable measures of the military junta which mainly violated the Civil Servant Rules and Laws, and that the CDM civil servants do not hold any responsibilities to repay the pre-issued salaries nor make compensations.

Ministry of Labour
National Unity Government


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